Well done with vorago now

There were more entertaining games out 20 years ago tbh Runescape 2007 gold was more entertaining 10 years ago. I am happy you are happy with a new little boss but this is no new age they are entering, it is just a cheap pirate of what has been on offer elsewhere for years and Runescape players didn’t want it. If they did they would have been playing those other games. No idea why you aren’t.

Ever since I began playing RuneScape, I’ve been pushing for harder PVM content in the game. Nothing has ever been a truly satisfying boss fight to me, or even close to it. Although release Nex was an enormous step in the right direction, I still wanted more. But when the EoC took everything ten steps backward in difficulty, I lost hope. Vorago is the boss I never thought would exist in this game, and I am immensely happy.

Now, I request that you watch out for two things.

1. Ensure that Vorago is worth the difficulty of killing. If not, people will migrate back to easier bosses, even if they do enjoy the challenge.

We saw this with Nex on release. In less than a week, it became bordeline impossible to find teams to fight her with. This is not because she was too challenging, but because lesser bosses were simply more rewarding for less effort. A month later, her drop rates were tripled and the need to acquire 40 KC was removed, and since then she has been flooded with players to this day.

If, after a while, a similar problem occurs with Vorago, please be sure that you correctly identify the problem. Do not think that Vorago is simply too hard, or that you took things too far. I have no doubt that despite his difficulty, Vorago will remain a lively piece of content so long as he is properly rewarding.

2. Do not stop here. It’s important that you don’t get into the mindset of “Okay, high levels have their boss now. We don’t need to make another hard one for a couple of years.”

By no means do I expect bosses of Vorago’s difficulty to be the majority of boss releases. That does not, however, excuse a year+ break until we get the new hardest boss. As you will find with Vorago, players will always be ready and able to take on new challenges. I hope that you are willing to continue to raise the bar from here.

Well done, Jagex. RuneScape truly is entering a new age.