Remember autocast in dungeons

Presently, in Dungeoneering, if you are a mage, you need to reset your Autocast spells for your mainhand and offhand on every single floor. Since the Evolution of Combat is supposed to be all about fairness and equality between the three combat styles, it is rather unbalanced that mages are so greatly inconvenienced in Dungeoneering (when you run 50 floors back-to-back, it’s a rather annoying step to make). You need to buy runescape money.Please allow the game to remember our Autocast settings between floors.

When you are doing hundreds of floors a day, that extra time and memory required to reset the autocast IS an unnecessary inconvenience. It is not a bug, because technically your character unequips his equipment then re-equips his binds when the next floor begins.

Jagex should simply add into the game to remember your last selected autocast spell when you unequip a magic weapon then equip one again. It would benefit players outside of dungeoneering as well.