Runescape waterfrinds nerfed

Before the update they had tonight, it was a decent way to gather crimson charms including good ranged exp/h. It was far from overpowered, not only they just ruined the
good slayer task that was quite fast slayer exp/h, they ruined a good way to gather crimson charms and a great way to train your ranged at higher levels.

Dafuq am I supposed to do now? Every damn week I shet myself before the update knowing there will be some nerf that isn’t necessary. I don’t know how to express my feeling towards this nicely and usually I don’t say things like this

I just wonder who complained about waterfiends whenever Jagex does crap like this they always defend themselves by saying “But we listened to the player feedback!” I am guessing they have been wanting to nerf these for a while and saw some random recommend a nerf and just went “There this one random player speaks for the community that’s all the proof we need for a nerf”.

Also Flow Black Demon’s are not even close to what waterfiends were in terms of charm gathering the actual logical choice with the waterfiend nerf would be Exileds.