Return of runescape zaros a clue

Look to your left. Do you see it? A possible clue that hints towards the return of another God? A pink and purple orb, sparking with magic and energy sitting atop what appears to be the Wizard’s Tower near Draynor Village! Does it not bare similarities to the one that Zamorak exited from behind Lumbridge Castle? What purpose does it hold? I have never seen it in game, yet it exists in art for RS 3 Gold.

What is this Castle which sits to my right? Is it the Ghorrock fortress? Frozen in the wastelands of deep wilderness? Are these connections hinting at more, or am I a simple fool who is making connections out of coincidences?

Although I do enjoy this art, I must say some details have me puzzled. I don’t recall RS having as much water as portrayed in the image. I believe that Lumbridge is burning to the far left, and the “Clan Citadel” is floating beyond the horizon. Which city to to the right? It appears to be Falador, but I cannot confirm, only speculate.

I wish to hear your input. What do you make of the art that is beside us? (For those of you who cannot see, I unfortunately do not have an answer)

Does the losing runescape god die

A J Mod needs to confirm this right now! The one thing about this game that keeps me playing today is the lore. By killing other gods, Jagex will kill the lore! I don’t want ANY of the gods to be killed off too early, if at all! I would prefer that they all stay alive. It would be fun to keep the conflict going, and a lot of awesome quests could come from it! I don’t even want them to kill of Zaros, and that’s saying something! I don’t want to spend the next 9 weeks worrying about whether or not my god, or any god, will die. I would prefer not wasting my time on a game that will kill my favorite part: the lore.

I would love J Mod confirmation!

I kind of feel the same, but I think Zamorak’s death could give us awesome quests too. I hope no one dies but I’ve accepted it might happen. I guess it’d be okay if they gave some way to keep on following Zamorak’s philosophy.Well yes, but this event made me believe that Jagex can and will make bad decisions.

In a perfect world none of the gods would die but they’ll do it just for some tears. Just to say it’s emotional. The dying god telling how he always wanted to help everyone and stuff.It would be cool to see some of gods discussing their views, and why they’re right, before getting into a fight.

Runescape Agilityspan

As many of you may know, Jagex is releasing a new method of training for Agility. Now, I have absolutely no issue with it BUT, please don’t kill my Agility cape that made me go nearly insane of achieving… ;-P

But what I mean is, I got 94 Runecrafting the old fashioned way, and I’m only doing Runespan to 99 since you need Rank 1 Esteem for Trimmed Completionist Cape and since Double Nats aren’t what they used to be, might as well. But anyways Runespan killed the Runecrafting Cape and especially my confidence in having a high Runecrafting level after spending about 300 hours getting it. So I just beg you Jagex, please don’t ruin Agility Capes… :-/

Ideas on how to not ruin it:

Make the new method (which I’m going to assume is going to be less painful to train Agility with) less xp/hour than traditional methods.

Only one problem: The community

If it isn’t the fastest xp/hr, it doesn’t matter how fun it is. It’s dead content on release day unless they make it part of completionist.

I understand that you don’t want the old cape devalued and you have a point. I just don’t know how they’ll manage to avoid that.

If they made the new method less XP/hour then it would be more painful anyway.
Agility isn’t too bad with horn as it is. I do agree the new way to train it shoulden’t be as easy as Runescape Gold made RC, and I think what Agility really needs is USEFULNESS, not a new training method.

Runescape divination speculations

So we know that divination is coming out soon and next weeks bts will be talking about it. but what are some of your ideas? here is mine and a friend’s.

I see that the Fissures in the ground ( the green cracks that we see in lummy) will be used somehow for divination. If this is the case, a friend and I were discussing that maybe these pockets of energy will be spreading throughout the world as Guthix energy is released.

we know that Guthix has died, and we know that divination is a gathering skill. so if Guthix essence was seeped into the ground and now that energy is released onto the world.. could we be gathering that energy? We know that Zammy was interested in this stuff, so much that he was willing to fight over it. It has to be important!

It may be the case. I remember hearing that the new skill ties in with the god content. If that is true, then this world event is the precursor to the new skill.

Also, the world event is 2 months long, the new skill is set to be released 4 weeks after RS 3 Gold. That would mean the second half of the battle of lumbridge will feature divination?

Make runescape pray potions F2P

Everyone, P2P or F2P can agree on the fact that non-member players get poor treatment, as there is no skillcapes nor nearly enough quests like there are on member servers. But what struck my mind as my members ended and I went on F2P worlds is how Prayer Potions are not drinkable and not utilized on F2P servers- but why?

I feel that if there is a skill allowed on a server, the basic supplies that go along with the skill should be utilized. It makes no sense why F2P players can’t utilize prayer potions in clan wars, pking, and training as those are the main places F2P players can go to for enjoyment. While there may not be PvM bosses and quests that require prayer on F2P servers, what would hurt for them to be made accessible and usable for all players? One reason the active number of Runescape players goes done steadily is because the mere F2P servers have no incentive for enjoyment and play.

One way Jagex could evolve the Runescape 3 Gold community is by allowing F2P players to utilize this prayer potions, which could lead to new quest bosses that require so. This change would allow the quest makers to be more flexible as the ending bosses and inhabitants could be stronger and require more resources- which is where protect prayers could come in handy. This isn’t however a significant change as new prayers wouldn’t be introduced, which could make members seem not AS beneficial, for non-members could enjoy some PvM here and there.

The fact that simple pray potions aren’t accessible on non-member servers, at their basic use, is absurd. We know by now that member servers have clear advantages , but we keep forgetting about the F2P percentage, which will dwindle down if there isn’t a reason to stay any longer. Not everyone can afford the monthly pay for members, so let’s not treat the F2P crowd as if they’re non-existent.

There are prayers on F2P , yet no potions, weird huh? We have quest bosses, clan wars, and training combat , yet no one can utilize prayers- like it’s useless. Why pray for 2minutes tops, and have to recharge pray by altar?

Use some common sense before you comment. Members have PLENTY more than F2P , it will never be comparable, 6-7 dollars to use a potion is absurd, not to mention its not like F2P asks for new prayers.

Divine tear runescape prolems

OK, I don’t know if anyone else has the same opinion as me with the gathering of Divine Tears.

A) I feel like it takes too long to collect the tears. I logged in and got right to collecting tears and looked at the clock after awhile and noticed it had taken me like 5 hours to collect the 3000 tears. I know you have a week or so to do it but if you’re like me, you don’t get it all done at once you don’t get to it at all.

B) I was at around 2950 tears and lagged out to log in screen. When I had logged back in, my multiplier had reset to x5 so I freaked out and thought I had to restart(ProblemA) but I still had the 2950 tears so I got confused, got as close to 3000 as i could, and turned them in. Probably just a small bug and easily fixable, but did this happen to anyone else?

Duplicate items

I know a easier way to earn Runescape money.. go in chapter 4-1 (the cave).. get all jewels an make the chain pull crap with sheva at the end…… when youre finished then this big thing is commin but I know a Way to kill it with 5-6 shots…… 3times with grenade launcher.. and 2-3 times with magnum… then it drops the soul Gem 😀 10K and the other things all 20-30k

Duplicate items

Note: This trick requires two gamertags and two controllers. If you only have one gamertag, create a second temporary gamer profile to perform this glitch. First, sign in with both gamertags. Start any chapter. Clear both players inventory slots. Have Chris give Sheva the item(s). Then, have player one quit, and save both profiles. Resume the game, and have Sheva give the item(s) back to Chris. Quit the game again, but only save player one’s profile, and not player two’s profile. Both gamertags should now have the same item(s). You can repeat this as many times as desired.

Start any chapter, and invite another player. Once the other player has joined, have them equip their inventory with the desired items. Then, have the player leave the game. All those items will still be with the player who just left and also with your AI partner. Transfer all the items from your AI partner to your inventory, then send the player an invite again. Repeat this as many times as desired.

Playing on Professional all runescape gold finded are multiple por x2, u can try get the jewels killing monster too, like lickers, big shaman, etc… but u need to buy some weapon with infinite ammo, like shotgun or magnum.

Chapter 6-2 is fairly easy. After you get thru the interactive cutscene, you take the Runescape gold chalices out of the lockers (worth 3k a piece), and it also provides ammo farming for rifles, shotguns, and pistols. I always quit and save after I’ve picked up the 2nd chalice to avoid having to engage in combat. Fairly quick once you get in a routine. Watch out for the tentacle grabs on your way through, there are 3 altogether between you and the chalices. 6k a run, plus ammo, not too bad.

The runescape battle of lumbridge diary

I had been anticipating the release of RuneScape 3 Gold for quite some time now, and with its release today I could not be happier. I was never one who truly appreciated RuneScape lore, but the Dawn of the Sixth Age changed my perspective entirely. Finally, us adventurers were going to have an opportunity to alter history! Now that it is here, I can see that Jagex is headed in the right direction.

With that in mind, I look forward to what the Battle of Lumbridge has in store for us adventurers, week after week. I am entirely committed to the efforts of Saradomin and his followers. And I also look forward to what future World Events have to offer; this type of content will change RuneScape for its eternity, and I look forward to being a part of it.

For the next 70 days, my goal is to reach the cap in regards to the amount of Divine tears us followers of the Gods are permitted to attain, that presently, as a member, being 3,000. It may seem to be a small amount, but please keep in mind that as one collects Divine tears on any given day, progress towards the cap decreases significantly. Therefore, the average amount of time required to reach 3,000 Divine tears on any given day can be 6 hours (this may change if I decide to test the consumable rewards).

I want Saradomin and his followers to come out of this ten-week battle victorious. Whether or not my commitment will make a substantive impact in any regard is not the point; I want my love for RuneScape to grow, and committing to the Dawn of the Sixth Age is the beginning of that.

– Current progression of the Battle of Lumbridge World Event: Day 1 / 70
– Number of times having reached the cap for Divine tears: 1
– Success rate for caping: 1/1 ; 100%
– World Event 1: Saradomin Team Contribution Rank: 157

Thank you for reading. Please respect this journey of mine, as a fellow adventurer. We all have our desires, and my desire is to be an activist of the Sixth Age. May the odds be ever in your favor!

New dragonfire shields

First off, the prices dropped because the market got flooded by players who once the shields lost their special abilities sold them off. Visages got heavily botted dropping the prices even lower. Its just how the market is sadly enough. I can remember when whips were in the millions now they are less than 100k.

So you can blame the EOC, The GE, Bots, Merching and free trade for making a lot of things lose their value.

As for your fix it might work. But then they would have to do it to all the rare or extremely rare items that have lost value too.

The current price for a draconic visage is 1,219,000. The visage is a very RARE drop from KBD, Iron dragons to Mithril dragons, and everything in between, Frost dragons,etc. So, a very “rare” drop, that was once worth “bank”, or atleast for most, is now worth a Dragon 2H (200k less). It would appear that in order for the price of visages to rise there needs to be an item sink, no? The fix that I have in mind is adding new Dragonfire shields. These shields will have added defense bonus’ then the regular Dfs’. These new shields will have not one visage, but two, or three, or even four. The shields could now be in tiers. The shields will not be able to be reverted. This could solve the visage problem much like how the new toolbelt feature made the dragon pickaxes and dragon hatchets rise. If anyone has any suggestions please feel free to post them! Thank you.

The problem is that Runescape EoC nerfed the Dragonfire Shield big time.

They removed its level 75 stats.
They removed its dragonfire attack(which was true dragonfire and not an ordinary magic based ability)
They removed its melee damage bonus.
They imposed massive combat triangle penalties.
Super Antifire potion is more useful for thoes that have it.

These nerfs pretty much killed it, and the ONLY thing the DFS is good for now is really just for fighting dragons if you can’t make Super Antifire pots.

So the solution would be to make it a level 75 shield again, give it backs its dragonfire attack and attach a crit or damage bonus to it once again.

Sounds like it’ll be a challenge, but I wish you guys the best of luck!

In recent news posts you’ll have seen that we said the HTML5 client will stay labelled as a beta beyond the RS3 launch. We want to make sure it’ll offer a great experience for everyone, so it’s unlikely to move out of beta for some months, until the HTML5 standard is fully implemented and widely adopted by all the main web browsers. I wanted to explain why this is, where we are with the HTML5 client, and what it means for you.

The reason it’s called a “beta” is to indicate it won’t be optimal for all players, and we’ll continue to recommend most use the Java or downloadable versions. The HTML5 client will remain as an option for early adopters who want to try out this experimental tech.

All of the other exciting features of RuneScape 3 Gold will be released as planned. So you’ll have options for how to experience RS3; through Java in your web browser, the optimised downloadable client or the cutting edge of HTML5.

Although the HTML5 client has improved over the last couple of months, we’re not satisfied with its compatibility across all players. You’ve noticed it too; your feedback showed a wide range of experiences – for some players it works great but for others it performs too slow or inconsistently. We found varied experience even on machines with identical hardware, and this is where the impact of browser support & driver compatibility can be seen…

Being the first to build a sophisticated MMO game client in an emerging technology like HTML5 was always ambitious, and our early progress gave us confidence to continue on this track. Visual quality is much improved, with features like variable draw distance and new shader-based effects really elevating the experience. However more recently we’ve hit upon inherent limits in the browser platforms and no amount of optimisation to RuneScape’s code can solve that alone.

For those interested in the technical side of things, the main challenges that remain are the limitations in Javascript and WebGL implementations – currently browsers don’t support full multi-threaded shader compilation and their storage system read/writes are not efficient enough for the demands RuneScape makes of them. This means the asset streaming and world building processes are slower than they should be and can causes bursts of lag. We’ve also seen some graphics drivers have not been optimised for WebGL which means even modern cards sometimes don’t run as fast they should.

The browser manufacturers are in a race to improve support for these features and we’ll work closely with them to ensure RuneScape benefits from the improvements and fixes as they get implemented.

We’ll continue to invest in HTML5 as it clearly has amazing potential and we believe it will be the future of browser gaming. Although it’s not quite ready for everyone’s computer right now, we want to be there when it is. Pioneering new technology can be risky, and it’s why we’re still fully supporting RuneScape in Java and will also be releasing an updated and optimised downloadable client.

Will this downloadable client you mention be an HTML5 downloadable client? {Edit: As opposed to simply another Java one?}

If so, can one enjoy significantly better performance simply by using your own client (and thus getting around the restrictions of these browsers)?