Choose runescape past

Okay what do we know about our characters past before tutorial island or noob lumbridge or noob burthorpe hardly anything i believe that in a Halloween event it was stated that we had parents it is unclear whether they are alive or not and if you speak to narf north of falador he comments on our strange name and we say it seemed like a good idea at the time wich could be a joke about how we choose the character name or saying its not our real name or saying we dont know or real name anyway my suggestion is that the possibilities are endless oh wait we cant choose at all we cant be an elf or vampire or werewolf or anything while i know it would be difficult for this to happen it needs to all of our characters are just the same thing an adventurer that dosent know anything about their past and wears the most expensive clothes they can just to show off we need to be able to choose more about who we are there needs to be more skin options home teleport animations and we really need a desert pantheon god emissary the actual suggestions on how to do this will be in my next post please comment if you think we need to be able to change who we are in game


1) a new desert teleport animation would be cool my idea would be you roll out a flying carpet just like the tanning emote then you get on and fly away or you whistle to call it instead of rolling it out
2) we should be able to support the desert pantheon i mean i dont even know why we cant already
3) in the player owned house the desert theme has doors like wooden doors we should have the red curtains for doors like they do in the desert
4) last but not least we need more desert themed clothes in the sgs or thesalias there arent any for just looks right now


1) there are no house portals in morytania i dont know about you but i think that needs to change my preference would be canafis but it could be port phasmatys as well
2) i know my teleport ideas arent the coolest but i had another idea where for if you wanted to rp as a werewolf a great teleport would be standing there then you start to transform into a werewolf you look to the sides to see if anyone noticed pull up a hood and run away
3)there need to be better eye colors i walk around with red eyes and i cant even tell theyre on so im constantly checking if i even have them equipped
4) the current options to look like a ghost werewolf vampire or anything from morytania are very small theres the werewolf outfit from loyalty but it looks like you are wearing a werewolf and you should be able to have fangs for a vampire and look see through for a ghost but that would probably bug alot.runescape gold.