I revised and changed a few of my suggestions for the current abilities, so give those a look if you think this is the same thread.

This thread will be discussing a number of current abilities that could use some reworking, as well as a few concepts for future ability ideas and mechanics. If you feel something on this thread is unreasonable or overpowered, reply with a well thought out post explaining why.


Many of us enjoyed receiving abilities as a reward for TWW. Some might have not been that great, but it was fun trying out new abilities. So, why not go back and add ability rewards for past quests? It would help motivate players to do more quests and finish storylines, as well as help them understand Runescape gold lore.

~Desert Treasure: While Magic gets an entire arsenal a spells, all combat styles will receive a new ability.

` [Ultimate] Blood Ritual (Constitution) – Reduce your damage by 25%, but gain health equal to 10% of your damage dealt for the next 60 seconds. 300-second cooldown.

` [Basic] Shadow Strike (Ranged) – Deals 100% weapon damage instantly and an additional 125% weapon damage over 6 seconds. 20-second cooldown.

` [Threshold] Smokescreen (Melee) – In the cover a smokescreen, you strike your enemy for 157% weapon damage, reducing their chance to hit by 10%, for 10 seconds, in the process. 30-second cooldown.

` [Basic] Frostbite (Magic) – Deals 100-125% of your active spell’s damage over 6 seconds. Damage is increased to 125%-157% if using a water spell. 20-second cooldown.

~The Temple at Senntisten:

` [Ultimate] Zarosian Zealot (Misc.) – You reach out to Zaros, who restores 50% of your Prayer Points over 10 seconds, while also negating any Prayer Drain for the next 30 seconds. 300-second cooldown.

(If you would add a Misc. Ability tab, you could introduce abilities that are earned/relate to other skills)

~The Void Stares Back:

` [Threshold] Disrupt (Constitution) – Sends a surge of electricity through the target’s body, stunning them for 6 seconds, but they receive 25% less damage while stunned due to numbed nerves. 30-second cooldown. Shared cooldown with other stuns.

~While Guthix Sleeps: 270 quest points should mean something.

` [Threshold] Devout Defence (Defense) – Learned from observing the Tormented Demons, you are able to completely block out damage with your Protection/Deflect Prayers, but only for 30 seconds. 2-minute cooldown.

~Ritual of the Mahjarrat

`[Threshold] Shadow Bomb (Magic) – Launches a shadow bomb at the target, causing all adjacent enemies to be enveloped in the shadows, dealing 157% damage and lowering their chance to hit by 10%. 20-second cooldown.

` [Threshold] Frost Javelin (Ranged) – Launches a giant icicle at the enemy, dealing 188% weapon damage and rooting the enemy for 5 seconds. 20-second cooldown.

`[Basic] Siphon Strike (Melee) – Using forgotten knowledge, you deal 125% weapon damage to your enemy, while siphoning their blood, healing you for 15% of what you hit. 20-second cooldown.