In order to help you recognise these runescape account emails

We are aware that some of our Runescape players have recently received a variety of phishing Cheap gold  emails: emails claiming to be from Jagex or runescape which are designed to steal your log-in details. We understand this can be frustrating, and we can assure you we are working hard to stop the circulation of these emails and to take down the fraudulent websites linked to runescape 2007 gold.

In order to help you recognise these runescape account emails, This thread also lists all known email phishing scams and will be regularly updated with details on any new emails we become aware of.The chances are they have no idea you even play runescape account.

A common method spammers use these days to send phishing emails is to generate lists of random email addresses, normally of extremely large volumes. The law of averages means that at least a small proportion of these will hit the inboxes of RuneScape players. We are dedicated to fighting phishing emails and have never compromised your email addresses in order to Buy gold.The wait is almost over as RuneFest in runescape account, our massive real world celebration of all things runescape, makes its mark on Old Billingsgate this weekend! We’ve been releasing several little sneak peeks on our official website but some of our fansites have gone a little further to grab you a few extra exclusives!

First up the intrepid minds of Zybez cornered Community guru Mod Stevew to grab some extra information on what you can expect in the ‘Community Matters’ insider session of Cheap runescape gold , a presentation where you can learn all about the dark arts that go on behind the scenes with Community Management. Check out this exclusive interview here! Check it out on the Tip to Buy runescape.

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