I think you must know that runescape is a very popular online game

Have you heard about runescape? Have you played runescape yet? If your answer is Yes, I think you must know that runescape is a very popular online game. It has attracted more than thousands of people all over the world to join the team of players.No one wants his account hacked as he has spared time and money on it. Your runescape account can be secure if your email account stays safe. In order to protect your account from been stolen, here is some advice to keep your runescape email account safe.

1.Choose Hotmail or Gmail. Having the characteristics of verification codes system, hotmail or Gmail can be much more secure. To put it simply, even someone gets your password, they still can’t log into your account as verification codes are in need which can only be obtained via your mobile phone.

2.Create an email just for runescape. Usually, people create an email and use it for many things. However, as far as your runescape account  safety, create a unique email for runescape gold and another for other

3.Never use the same password for your runescape account and your email. It is always said that do not place all eggs in one basket. To use different password will minimize the risk of account stolen.

4.Email recovery questions should be set to be difficult to be guessed. Recovery questions are important. Setting easy recovery questions means you risk your account being stolen. Write the recovery questions which only make sense to you.Runescape money is essential for playing runescape and there are many ways to earn this in the game. Like everything in life, some ways are easier than others and we believe we have found a really easy way for members to make money.

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