Interview with big boss man

Hello I came across an interview mod MMG did with Forbes today and it was pure gold. This was conducted on June 27th 2013 by forbes magazine.

“The United Kingdom’s largest independent games studio is coming off a record year in 2012 in which it saw profits rise above *76 million for the first time in history. The free-to-play game maker is preparing to launch RuneScape gold, the first HTML 5 game, and Transformers Universe later this year. The developer recently released Ace of Spades and Carnage Racing.

Michael Pachter, video game analyst for Wedbush Securities, believes RuneScape has 2 million actively engaged players and 20 million more casual players. There were 70,000 people playing concurrently online at the time of this post. Pachter estimates that active players are spending approximately *7.60 per month on the fantasy online game.

“Runescape’s unique in that the free game, which is a subsection of the game, has tens of thousands of hours of gameplay so you don’t ever finish,” said Gerhard. “And then to become a member is more like a VIP experience, so it’s really a subscription game at heart. We introduced micro payments into Runescape a year ago and that’s been well received. With Transformers Universe, which we will be launching later this year, that will be almost exclusively micro payments. We launched Ace of Spades late last year and that’s just a pay once to download. We look at what’s right for the game when it comes to the business models.”

Gerhard has watched as big companies like Electronic Arts and Trion Worlds shift games like Star Wars The Old Republic and Rift from a paid subscription model to the free-to-play model.

“With the launch of so many titles there’s big marketing spent and the cost of acquisition goes up something like 60 percent year on year,” said Gerhard. “I challenge you to find someone who’s actually able to spend a dollar and get a $1.10 back. I think a lot of people are just spending money now, and that’s not sustainable. That’s not a way to run a business. It is for a short-term, but I think we’re seeing the casualties of that now.*

Gerhard also believes the bigger entertainment landscape, led by mobile, is impacting player expectations when it comes to costs. With many games being free-to-play and many games, music and movies available starting at 99 cents, but yeah, players expect more for every dollar they spend.

“We’re in a recession, so players want more value and more time for every dollar and even the free players are far more discerning,” said Gerhard. “More than 50 percent of our members have been with us more than five years and growing, and so we develop those relationships. It’s a social network. At any point in time between 10 and 15 percent of our players are just chatting in the lobby with each other. So we work with them in developing new content and trying new things, which we’ve done since Day One.”

Another strategy Jagex has employed with its games from the early days is utilizing the cloud – before the cloud became a mainstream way for games to be distributed. The company has been doing virtualization in the cloud for over a decade.

“The the game logic state is set aside and we’ve only used the cloud for rendering, controller input and audio,” said Gerhard. “We have a very thin client that’s streamed on demand, so porting that to other devices is actually a relatively low effort compared to other games. We‘ve talked about that with Runescape and that’s

Runescape and that’s our same design for taking on Transformers Universe and some other games too. So you can expect a lot of what Jagex produces to launch across multiple platforms.”

Gerhard said the decision to utilize HTML5 was to make the game “future proof” and demonstrate that a complex game like RuneScape can be brought to an infinite technology standard. This fall, RuneScape will expand to tablets with an optimized version of the game that is designed for that experience. The plan is for the game to expand to mobile shortly after that with apps that augment the game and provide productivity and interfacing with the game.

Jagex faces a lot of competition in the free-to-play online games space with companies like Sony Online Entertainment’s EverQuest II, Riot Games’ League of Legends and the upcoming Red 5 Studios’ Firefall enticing gamers.”

“Michael Pachter, video game analyst for Wedbush Securities, believes RuneScape has 2 million actively engaged players and 20 million more casual players. There were 70,000 people playing concurrently online at the time of this post.”

You heard him boys, 20,000,000+ casual players

Choose runescape past

Okay what do we know about our characters past before tutorial island or noob lumbridge or noob burthorpe hardly anything i believe that in a Halloween event it was stated that we had parents it is unclear whether they are alive or not and if you speak to narf north of falador he comments on our strange name and we say it seemed like a good idea at the time wich could be a joke about how we choose the character name or saying its not our real name or saying we dont know or real name anyway my suggestion is that the possibilities are endless oh wait we cant choose at all we cant be an elf or vampire or werewolf or anything while i know it would be difficult for this to happen it needs to all of our characters are just the same thing an adventurer that dosent know anything about their past and wears the most expensive clothes they can just to show off we need to be able to choose more about who we are there needs to be more skin options home teleport animations and we really need a desert pantheon god emissary the actual suggestions on how to do this will be in my next post please comment if you think we need to be able to change who we are in game


1) a new desert teleport animation would be cool my idea would be you roll out a flying carpet just like the tanning emote then you get on and fly away or you whistle to call it instead of rolling it out
2) we should be able to support the desert pantheon i mean i dont even know why we cant already
3) in the player owned house the desert theme has doors like wooden doors we should have the red curtains for doors like they do in the desert
4) last but not least we need more desert themed clothes in the sgs or thesalias there arent any for just looks right now


1) there are no house portals in morytania i dont know about you but i think that needs to change my preference would be canafis but it could be port phasmatys as well
2) i know my teleport ideas arent the coolest but i had another idea where for if you wanted to rp as a werewolf a great teleport would be standing there then you start to transform into a werewolf you look to the sides to see if anyone noticed pull up a hood and run away
3)there need to be better eye colors i walk around with red eyes and i cant even tell theyre on so im constantly checking if i even have them equipped
4) the current options to look like a ghost werewolf vampire or anything from morytania are very small theres the werewolf outfit from loyalty but it looks like you are wearing a werewolf and you should be able to have fangs for a vampire and look see through for a ghost but that would probably bug alot.runescape gold.


I revised and changed a few of my suggestions for the current abilities, so give those a look if you think this is the same thread.

This thread will be discussing a number of current abilities that could use some reworking, as well as a few concepts for future ability ideas and mechanics. If you feel something on this thread is unreasonable or overpowered, reply with a well thought out post explaining why.


Many of us enjoyed receiving abilities as a reward for TWW. Some might have not been that great, but it was fun trying out new abilities. So, why not go back and add ability rewards for past quests? It would help motivate players to do more quests and finish storylines, as well as help them understand Runescape gold lore.

~Desert Treasure: While Magic gets an entire arsenal a spells, all combat styles will receive a new ability.

` [Ultimate] Blood Ritual (Constitution) – Reduce your damage by 25%, but gain health equal to 10% of your damage dealt for the next 60 seconds. 300-second cooldown.

` [Basic] Shadow Strike (Ranged) – Deals 100% weapon damage instantly and an additional 125% weapon damage over 6 seconds. 20-second cooldown.

` [Threshold] Smokescreen (Melee) – In the cover a smokescreen, you strike your enemy for 157% weapon damage, reducing their chance to hit by 10%, for 10 seconds, in the process. 30-second cooldown.

` [Basic] Frostbite (Magic) – Deals 100-125% of your active spell’s damage over 6 seconds. Damage is increased to 125%-157% if using a water spell. 20-second cooldown.

~The Temple at Senntisten:

` [Ultimate] Zarosian Zealot (Misc.) – You reach out to Zaros, who restores 50% of your Prayer Points over 10 seconds, while also negating any Prayer Drain for the next 30 seconds. 300-second cooldown.

(If you would add a Misc. Ability tab, you could introduce abilities that are earned/relate to other skills)

~The Void Stares Back:

` [Threshold] Disrupt (Constitution) – Sends a surge of electricity through the target’s body, stunning them for 6 seconds, but they receive 25% less damage while stunned due to numbed nerves. 30-second cooldown. Shared cooldown with other stuns.

~While Guthix Sleeps: 270 quest points should mean something.

` [Threshold] Devout Defence (Defense) – Learned from observing the Tormented Demons, you are able to completely block out damage with your Protection/Deflect Prayers, but only for 30 seconds. 2-minute cooldown.

~Ritual of the Mahjarrat

`[Threshold] Shadow Bomb (Magic) – Launches a shadow bomb at the target, causing all adjacent enemies to be enveloped in the shadows, dealing 157% damage and lowering their chance to hit by 10%. 20-second cooldown.

` [Threshold] Frost Javelin (Ranged) – Launches a giant icicle at the enemy, dealing 188% weapon damage and rooting the enemy for 5 seconds. 20-second cooldown.

`[Basic] Siphon Strike (Melee) – Using forgotten knowledge, you deal 125% weapon damage to your enemy, while siphoning their blood, healing you for 15% of what you hit. 20-second cooldown.

Runescape Behind the Scenes: June 2013

June brings a real carousel of cracking content – including a new dungeon, new level 90 ranger weaponry and a funky little update we’re calling the Crystal Triskelion.

The Order of Ascension (members only)

Deep beneath the Feldip Hills, the Order of Ascension muster in an all-new, ranged-focused slayer dungeon, coming this month!

This huge force of misguided Guthixians have taken some dramatic action since their god’s death – including capturing locals for dark, mysterious purposes – and they must be stopped before their attention turns to the more populated cities of Gielinor.

These creatures were once humans themselves, but now they’re something else entirely. They exude magic, and can only be fought by the strongest of rangers. They have huge strength in number and comprise of many types: including the nimble gladii, healing capsarii, shielded scutarii, and the rorarii, who hunt in packs. Each has unique abilities and requires different strategies to take down, as well as level 81 Slayer.

The legiones are by far the most powerful of the Ascended: six powerful mages, their abilities honed over hundreds of years; their minds linked together by a powerful enchantment. The order is a tight-knit community, fanatically loyal to each other, and the legiones are the unquestioned leaders.

Each of the legiones will stand as a unique boss monster, with subtly different mechanics from the others. In order to fight these, you’ll need a Slayer level of 95 (or a co-op Slayer buddy with that level) and a unique keystone to access each one – dropped by other Order of Ascension members.

For those brave enough to face the legiones, very special rewards await. Not only will their drops be extremely profitable, but they will also drop one of 6 Ascension signets, used to create the level 90 Ascension crossbow! This crossbow is the only one that can use the powerful new Ascension bolts, found through scouring the monastery for components and made by level 90 fletchers.

The story of the Ascended is a rich and interesting one, and the full story of their past can be found in collectable lore book pages, which will be scattered throughout their home.

The Crystal Triskellion (members only)

The crystal triskellion is a brand new key, shattered into three parts by forces unknown. A new, secret treasure location will be added to the game world unlockable by players who piece together the three parts of the key, found through fighting high-level slayer targets and engaging with a variety of high- level skill content.

The loot found within each chest will be pretty spectacular. Most importantly though, it can also contain some brand new hybrid gear, known as dragonstone armour.

The key and its parts are untradeable and members-only, so this fine gear will only be found by those players able to collect the pieces themselves. Free players will be interested to hear, though, that the dragonstone armour will be available to them to buy from willing players or the Grand Exchange.

Looks awesome, can’t wait for the Order of Ascension myself!

The alpha version of runescape New Interface System (NIS) is now available to Gold

Hi everyone – fantastic feedback so far.

A frequent comment I’ve seen is that players want to be able to see all of their chat streams in one window, rather than change between the global, friends, private and clan windows. Luckily this is already possible, if a bit hidden. You can use the filters on any chat window to turn on all of the various chat streams in a single place.

The alpha version of our New Interface System (NIS) is now available to runescape 2007 Gold and Silver Premier Club members, as well as a newly selected group of members who registered their interest in the RuneScape Beta Programme.

If you have access, you’re ready to start trying out the customisation features and other improvements that the new interface system brings. First off, though, we’d suggest watching our bonus Behind The Scenes walkthrough video, filled with tips from Mod ThatJim on how to get started:

After that, log in by clicking here, then clicking the ‘go to beta’ button and logging in with your usual details. Please note: if you’re eligible for the just the alpha, you’ll be taken there automatically. If you’re eligible for both the NIS Alpha and the HTML5 Beta, though, you’ll be given a choice of which to log into.

For now, the alpha is running on the Java client on dedicated servers with a separate game save to the live game. Your existing game save will be imported the first time you log into the alpha.

As we’re at alpha stage, there will be glitches, performance issues and bugs. Please report these via the in-game bug reporting system, as it’ll be a huge help in our ongoing development and testing.

What’s most important to us, though, is your feedback. We’re really pleased with how the new interface system is shaping up, but there are as many ways to play RuneScape as there are players. Try to find the best way to customise the interface for your play style, and experiment with different setups for different parts of the game. If there’s something you want to do but can’t, or if there’s something could be made easier, let us know on the NIS Feedback & Discussion forums, which we’ve set up for those with access to the alpha. Using your feedback, we are building a new interface system that’ll let you play your way.

As with the HTML5 Client Beta, we’ll be expanding the group of selected members over the course of the alpha, so don’t worry if you didn’t get in right away – we’ll let you know if you’re chosen. Later, we’ll also be making the New Interface System available for all members to try before its full release.

Also, I’ve noticed some players not being able to find the quick prayer and familiar buttons are now on the side of the combat panel. We’ll try to make them more obvious, but for the moment you can find them by looking for the gold coloured symbols at the far end of the combat bar.

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You first prefer to empty from your catalog except your current armor in addition to weapons

You need to infuse your pouches at an obelisk, the same as you did during Wolf Whistle. There are several obelisks across Runescape, but the one in Taverley is the most accessible. Once infused, you can right click your pouches to summon whatever magical familiar awaits.For making runescape gold upon cowhides.

You first prefer to empty from your catalog except your current armor in addition to weapons. Take these on the bank and also drop these folks off. I imagine you’ll make a few pouches, show off your summoning prowess then want to dig in and do some training. Well, you won’t be taking your giant chicken on a massacre across Runescape. There’s no experience in doing that. No, the only way to train summoning (and here’s where I start to dislike the skill) is by making pouches. Think “Runecrafting”, but more annoying.

You have to run back and forth from obelisk to bank, buying supplies from Pikkupstix, soon to be the richest druid in Runecape. I hear he has plans for a solid gold druid circle.Yes, even shorter than Cook’s Assistant. It was a nice introduction to the skill, teaching players how to summon, how to use special abilities and how to recharge your summoning points. The summoning points work like prayer, except the don’t drain continuously. A familiar begins with a summoning time of about three minutes, and you must spend points to refill the timer when it lowers.your first taste of summoning might not be to your liking.

That’s not too surprising. Players have a history of immediately disliking new skills on account of their apparent uselessness, difficulty in training, or the expense of training effectively. Don’t think summoning is a failure just yet, however. The Dreadfowl, the second familiar available to you, can give you a handy farming level increase. more and more gold games players come to there buy runescape 2007 gold. If you want to know the reason, I’d like to give you some points here. Check it first and take a look to this site after.

In order to help you recognise these runescape account emails

We are aware that some of our Runescape players have recently received a variety of phishing Cheap gold  emails: emails claiming to be from Jagex or runescape which are designed to steal your log-in details. We understand this can be frustrating, and we can assure you we are working hard to stop the circulation of these emails and to take down the fraudulent websites linked to runescape 2007 gold.

In order to help you recognise these runescape account emails, This thread also lists all known email phishing scams and will be regularly updated with details on any new emails we become aware of.The chances are they have no idea you even play runescape account.

A common method spammers use these days to send phishing emails is to generate lists of random email addresses, normally of extremely large volumes. The law of averages means that at least a small proportion of these will hit the inboxes of RuneScape players. We are dedicated to fighting phishing emails and have never compromised your email addresses in order to Buy gold.The wait is almost over as RuneFest in runescape account, our massive real world celebration of all things runescape, makes its mark on Old Billingsgate this weekend! We’ve been releasing several little sneak peeks on our official website but some of our fansites have gone a little further to grab you a few extra exclusives!

First up the intrepid minds of Zybez cornered Community guru Mod Stevew to grab some extra information on what you can expect in the ‘Community Matters’ insider session of Cheap runescape gold , a presentation where you can learn all about the dark arts that go on behind the scenes with Community Management. Check out this exclusive interview here! Check it out on the Tip to Buy runescape.

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