Fenkenstrain meets the hero in this quest

Dr. Fenkenstrain appears in a number of quests, such as: Creature of Fenkenstrain and The Great Brain Robbery.

Main article: Creature of Fenkenstrain
Fenkenstrain meets the hero in this quest, here the hero gets Fenkenstrain a pair of arms, a pair of legs, a torso, a head and a brain. Upon doing this Fenkenstrain unites these pieces into a human body and, using lightning, he brings the creature back to life.
However the brain that was used is the one of Lord Rologarth, whom Fenkenstrain had killed years ago. Upon learning the history of the castle, the hero turns on Fenkenstrain by stealing the Ring of Charos from him. Fenkenstrain – now human to the werewolves again – locks himself in the highest tower of the castle to be safe.

Main article: The Great Brain Robbery
In the Great Brain Robbery, the hero needs a brain surgeon to transplant brains into undead monks of Harmony Island, and decides to go with Fenkenstrain.
Fenkenstrain at first refuses but then considers the fact that the werewolves will not get him in Harmony Island and decides to go. After the surgery, Mi-Gor, the undead surgeon that had removed the brains in the first place gets infuriated and sets his robotic, undead, bodyguard monster Barrelchest on the Doctor and the hero saves Fenkenstrain by killing the beast.

Upon seeing his monster defeated, Mi-Gor flees to parts unknown. Fenkenstrain decides to stay on Harmony Island (in the basement under the windmill) to make up for his past mistakes.

The Fifth Age has been a time of revolution

The Fifth Age has thus far been a time of amazing strides for the human race, granting many humans dominance throughout central Gielinor largely due to the discovery of runes at the end of the Fourth Age. Positive advances in humanity’s lifestyle include military, technological, theological, philosophical, political, and economic strides. The Fifth Age, as a result, has been referred to by some as the “Age of Humans”.

The Fifth Age has been a time of revolution, mostly concerning religion of Saradomin. Prior to the Fifth Age, Saradominism was a well-known religion and philosophy, but it was no more widespread than Zamorakian or Guthixian worship. With runes, however, the human nations devout to Saradomin were able to gain supremacy, sparking massive changes in the theological and secular lives of many.

The early Fifth Age was dominated by human expansion. Under King Raddallin, the nation of Asgarnia and its capital city of Falador were founded. Meanwhile, the ancient line of Misthalanian kings continued to expand Varrock and its feudal townships into an agricultural hub of activity. Kandarin, under varying leadership, expanded to meet Asgarnia’s border and essentially unite the three nations into one massive human realm.

Despite the unstable nature of the early Fifth Age, it was a time of great prosperity. Saradominist philosophy, which had already begun to grow, even as the Elves ruled during the Fourth Age, would evolve to the point where religion was the most important aspect of day-to-day life for most people. Saradomin’s wisdom would go unquestioned for years as the Church of Saradomin gained footholds in many governments, controlling the flow of knowledge and ideas in more settled regions. As the standard of living rose, so did the overall literacy rate, sparking the spread of literature in both history and entertainment. Many of these writings were the work of Saradominist philosophers and cultural theologists, igniting an era of religious revolution.

there’s alot of flexibility in what you can do with it

there’s alot of flexibility in what you can do with it.
It’s different in the one the guide posts. the guide only allows you to import the prices of up to 50 items per google doc spreadsheet.
my code lets me import up to 1050 prices. Which is necessary for spreadsheets like herblore, that require prices on ALOT of items.

my code also filters out k’s and m’s from high price items even if the player doesn’t know what price range the item is.
Finally my code runs a crude input converter. Sometimes Google doc will interpret your input data as a string, instead of a number. Which is BAD because it can cause math errors.

you can start training summoning without completing the quest

A good option is to start by doing the Wolf Whistle quest since you will reach a summoning level of 4 after it. However, you can start training summoning without completing the quest.

For many centuries now, the druids of Taverley and some of the ogre shamans of Gu’Tanoth have been bringing various familiars from other realms to help them with a variety of their tasks. Of course, the druids being peaceful and the ogres being more ‘business-like’, they traditionally summon entirely different familiars – what would a druid want with a rune minotaur, for example? What would an ogre do with a unicorn stallion?
Having realised how useful this skill is to the adventurers of RuneScape, they have released the secret of their powers, and now you can enjoy the curious advantages that come with learning the art of Summoning.

Summoning works by ‘infusing’ the essence of a creature from a strange realm into a type of pouch. When the Summoning pouch is opened, a portal is briefly activated to pull the familiar through to the world of RuneScape, where it is bound to serve its master for a period of time before the portal closes and it is pulled back.

Summoning: The Basics Game Guide
It has been revealed by Pikkupstix, when you reach Level 99 Summoning, that the place where your Familiars hail from has never been part of Gielinor, yet is nevertheless part of our lives every day. Familiarisation allows you to access this realm, known as the Spirit Plane, for limited amounts of time, where you and a Familiar can hunt for raw shards. Other races than the druids, ogres, and now the humans, appear to possess some knowledge of Summoning; for instance, the Elf Warrior drops charms, hinting that the art is known to the Elven race as well.

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