How to start Song from the Depths

How to start Song from the Depths:

  • Speak to Lucille in Rimmington.


  • You must be a RuneScape member to play this quest.
  • There are no other requirements

The Grotworm Lair


The White Knights have also noticed that strange things are afoot in Rimmington, and have dispatched a team to investigate the Grotworm Lair in the caves near the town. Their leader – Sir Rebrum – has decided that discretion is the better part of valour, though, and is more than happy for you to make some headway on your own. The lair has three levels, containing creatures of levels 11, 91 and 167 respectively. Fighting its slimy denizens is great combat training for players of all levels, and slayer masters will assign the creatures as targets. Drops from defeating these monsters include a cosmetic cape emblazoned with a dragon’s head sigil, and bespoke bolts for the crossbow from Song from the Depths.

Next week, we’ll be unleashing the Queen Black Dragon boss fight, which will mean the following changes to the Grotworm Lair:

  • The portal on the bottom floor will become accessible to those with at least 60 Summoning, and you’ll finally be able to face the Queen Black Dragon in her lair.
  • Monster drop tables will be expanded to include items related to the new, draconic armour mentioned in May’s Behind the Scenes.
  • With some help from Thurgo, you’ll be able to upgrade the crossbow from Song from the Depths into a truly fearsome weapon.


So, until next week, brush up on your combat skills and get dressed to kill, because you’re going to need every iota of courage, tenacity and tactical nous to survive the most roasting royal rumble in RuneScape history!