Fish Flingers Improvements and Bigger Fish!

In August 2011, we revamped the Temple Trekking minigame and we were really pleased with the results. This month, we bring you…the Fish Flingers rework! For those of you who don’t know what Fish Flingers is, it’s a great little player-skill-based D&D, suitable for all levels, where you and other players compete to become the greatest fisherman of all time…well, until the beginning of the next game, anyway.

The rework’s first job will be to dramatically increase accessibility so that it’s easier to get to Fish Flingers games between bouts of ’normal‘ fishing. Not only will the start points be permanent additions to the map, but we’ll add more of them to popular fishing areas throughout the game. Competitions will also be far more frequent, running every 20 minutes, and you’ll be able to claim 2 tickets per day rather than just 10 per week.

We’re adding a new ‘big fish‘ feature to the game, too. Players will have to cooperate with each other to land these whoppers, but the XP rewards will make the extra effort worthwhile for all. So, get involved, and don’t be koi! You don’t want to be the cod one out.

We will also completely overhaul the nature (and size) of the potential rewards. The Fishing XP will be tweaked to reward fishers who find the best tackle combinations available. You’ll also be able to earn a brand new set of fishing gear, similar to the lumberjack outfit and the golden mining gear. Each piece will improve all your earned Fishing XP while worn. We’ve also changed the tackle box reward to allow you to store raw fish, and are implementing a host of other cool features too.

Yelps is also getting involved with this update, as he temporarily renames his home ’The Squeal of Neptune’, giving you a chance to catch some brand-new cosmetic fish-themed attire!